Human Resources News & Insights

You might take this study with a grain of salt

How confident are you that you’ll be able to keep up with increasing HR compliance burdens over the coming months and years? A recent study indicates that a lot of HR pros are apprehensive about what the future might bring.

IRS advisory board suggests ways to trim misclassifications

If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) takes its advisory council’s suggestions to heart, you may be reclassifying some workers.

Latest COBRA ruling teaches key compliance lesson

Although the employer prevailed, this case stands as a warning to other companies.

Feds delay enforcement of health plan nondiscrimination rules

Good news for health plan sponsors: The feds have announced that the nondiscrimination rules pertaining to non-grandfathered plans aren’t going to be enforced until more guidance is issued on the requirements.

Companies: Cheaper to pay penalty than keep our health plans

How much cash would your company have to save by dumping its health plan – in exchange for paying penalties – to make up for the ill will it would create among workers?

Plan sponsors react to feds’ enforcement efforts

With the DOL and IRS breathing down their necks in the form of increased audit and regulation enforcement efforts, 60% of defined-contribution (DC) plan sponsors are taking action in response.

Heads up: Feds to take close look at employer retirement plans

A letter from the Internal Revenue Service may soon find its way to your desk.

New DOL Web site offers guidance on employment regs

You’re no doubt aware of the stepped-up enforcement efforts of the Department of Labor (DOL) in the Obama administration. Well, now the DOL wants to make nice — with a new net resource designed to help employers stay compliant with the maze of federal employment regs.

Kick off 2010 with these 6 compliance must-do’s

Legal experts recommend that every employer start the year with an six-part legal checkup to ensure compliance with current employment laws.

Avoiding the legal landmines of 3 popular employee benefits

It’s a constant challenge for employers: Offering the benefits and incentives that employees desire without running into compliance problems with the feds.