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Does your handbook say this … ? If so, it’s time for a rewrite

One federal agency continues to take the shredder to common, and seemingly harmless, employer policies. And this time, it may have made its most head-scratching move of them all. 

Are your offer letters ticking time bombs?

Here’s how one company’s offer letter opened up a whole can of worms about non-competes, employee contracts and confidentiality agreements.

Employment contracts: When they’re good, when they’re not

It’s a rare business that needs an employment contract for every employee. But it can save you time, money and legal aggravation if you know which employees should be under contract and which shouldn’t.

When an employee walks in and says, ‘I want to see my personnel folder’

Do you have to comply? When can you say “no”? Can you reveal some of the contents while denying access to other parts?