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Court officially kills Obama-era OT rule, but changes are coming

While the Obama-era changes to the DOL overtime rule had been on life support for some time, a recent court ruling officially euthanized the controversial changes. That means HR pros can officially scrub the $47,476 salary threshold from their collective memories.

Judge deals major blow to EEOC’s wellness regs, leaves employers in limbo

In a recent high-profile court ruling, a judge didn’t flat-out strike down controversial EEOC regs regarding employer wellness plans, but his ruling does have the potential to alter the fate of those regs.

No, ‘obsessive stalking’ isn’t ADA-protected

Attention, victims of failed workplace romances: If you’re thinking of stalking your ex, don’t expect to be covered under the ADA. Here’s a lawsuit you have to see to believe. 

COBRA lawsuit: Pro-employer ruling shows importance of ‘good faith’ efforts

When an employer accidentally fails to send a timely COBRA notice to a terminated employee, is the company doomed to pay steep penalties if the individual sues?  

‘My dog tripped me, now pay me comp benefits’

Thanks to a recent court ruling, there’s a new reason to fear letting your employees work from home.