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FMLA lawsuit: 7 stupid words that could cost this employer big

Wells Fargo had mountains of well-documented evidence to back up its decision to fire a poorly performing employee, but a simple phrase by a clueless manager could wind up making all that evidence moot.

FMLA ruling: Is this loose standard terrible news for your compliance efforts?

Thanks to a recent court ruling, it may now be even more difficult for employers to take any adverse action against an employee who is on — or has previously taken — FMLA leave.

Game-changing ruling on marijuana has major implications for HR pros everywhere

Do you have to accommodate employees’ use of medical marijuana even if you have a drug policy that follows federal law and prohibits illegal substances including marijuana?

Court takes narrow view in Lilly Ledbetter suit

Employers have been holding their breath since the passage of The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, waiting to see how broadly the statute will be applied in court.  A federal court ruling provides some reassuring news.

Judges poke holes in ‘standard’ arbitration agreements

In these litigious times, many companies turn to arbitration agreements in an effort to settle disputes out of court. But recent court rulings make it clear these arrangements may not offer the protection companies thought they would.