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Pot in the workplace: New ruling will spark drug policy changes

Another court has handed down a ruling on a company’s drug policy, and courts now seem to be sending a very clear message to employers: Don’t automatically terminate marijuana users with legal prescriptions just because they failed a drug test. 

Court: Can’t sue employers that ignore breastfeeding rules

The healthcare reform law amended the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to require employers to provide breaks and a room for nursing mothers to express breast milk. So why can’t mothers sue when their employers refuse to follow those breastfeeding rules?

OT court ruling: ‘You can’t treat out-of-state workers differently’

Do you have to pay out-of-state employees for the overtime work they perform in state? After weighing in on a recent overtime lawsuit, it’s clear two major courts think so.

Discrimination? Retirement meeting involved only older workers

A company owner invited 11 of his employees, all of whom were over the age of 49, to attend a meeting to discuss retirement plans. One of those employees sued, claiming the meeting was discriminatory under the ADEA. Did she prevail in court?

FMLA: Second opinion not enough to reject leave

The outcome of a new Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) lawsuit offers up a valuable lesson for employers.

Case of the ‘mind-bogglingly stupid’ worker: Part Deux

Remember the man who was awarded workers’ comp benefits after deciding to smoke pot and then feed a grizzly bear? Well, his employer appealed the benefits ruling, and a state supreme court issued a final decision. 

FMLA ruling carries new warning for employers

If you decide to deny an employee his or her old job upon returning from FMLA leave, a new court ruling highlights one thing you’d better be ready to do.

Illegal immigrants can get workers’ comp benefits too, court rules

Here’s a ruling that may surprise employers: A Washington, D.C. court has ruled that illegal immigrants can receive workers’ comp for injuries sustained on the job.

Report: FMLA absences up more than 10%

The amount of workers who filed for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) job protection this year has increased by more than 10%, according to a recent report.

Employee killed in work carpool: Should benefits be paid?

If you encourage your employees to carpool to work, should benefits be paid out if a worker gets hurt — or worse — in a car crash? See how one court ruled.