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Being a jerk isn’t an ADA-qualifying disability, court rules

Employers can breathe a sigh of relief. Common sense just won the day in a U.S. appeals court.

Too injured to work, but not to rock

If you can’t trust the frontman of a heavy metal band named Cousin Sleaze, who can you trust? 

What’s a workplace? Wherever the employee may be, court says

Welcome to the Digital Age: Technology has changed the workplace so much that employers may not be able to reject a telecommuting accommodation request by saying physical attendance is mandatory.  

5 big mistakes that will get you sued under the ADA

This year, it’s expected that nearly 30,000 ADA-related claims will be filed against employers with the EEOC. A big part of the reason: Some employers have gotten their wires crossed when it comes to complying with some of the more confusing aspects of the law.

Is ‘shy bladder syndrome’ a disability?

Does being unable to pee on cue qualify as a disability?

Shifting health costs to employees? 3 things to consider first

It’s no secret many employers plan to shift more costs on to employees as healthcare premiums climb. If you’re in that group, here are three things you’ll want to consider before the shifts potentially disrupt morale.

$10 piece of equipment could’ve saved $128K in comp benefits

If an employee requested equipment to improve ergonomics, how willing would your company be to supply it? In some cases a small expense now could save tons in workers’ comp benefits down the road. One horror story:

Is illegal immigrant entitled to comp benefits? Court decides

Due to his limited education and inability to speak English, a badly injured worker couldn’t perform light-duty work – so he filed for permanent total disability benefits.

Why the new ADA’s an even bigger pain than you thought

The new ADA substantially expanded the pool of employees who might be classified as disabled. But there’s more: It will also affect how you handle FMLA leave and potential GINA violations.

The voluntary benefits companies look to for an edge in hiring, retention

Comprehensive healthcare benefits have long been companies’ best recruiting and retention tool. But that’s about to change.