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Here’s a proven template for firing an FMLA abuser

A recent lawsuit and subsequent courtroom battle provides a valuable lesson in how to terminate a Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) abuser while fending off claims of interference and/or retaliation. 

Poor performance, bad behavior: Handling 2 very different problem employees

Dealing with problem employees invariably involves one of two issues: Performance or behavior. And your managers need to know how to handle each. Here’s a primer. 

Could you legally fire Colin Kaepernick if he worked for you?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has made a lot of waves for not standing during national anthem performances. And it has led a lot of employers to ask: Can workers who engage in such political protests be punished? Here’s the answer. 

Don’t delegate that! 3 tasks managers should never pass off

Delegating work effectively is consistently listed as a skill managers say they’d like to improve. While passing off tasks to your team is a critical skill, there are certain things that managers should never, ever delegate.

Top performers dating despite company policy: What should HR do?

Periodically, we ask three HR pros how they’d handle a difficult situation at work. Today’s problem: A company’s best employees have just been linked romantically — which is against company policy.

What 4 new cases can tell us about sexual harassment in 2013

Sexual harassment claims may be down overall, but these recent cases show it’s as expensive as ever to get caught on the wrong side of a harassment complaint. 

Slam the brakes on intermittent FMLA abuse: 7 tactics

‘Tis the season … for FMLA abuse. We’re currently in the peak of intermittent FMLA abuse’s high season. But there are ways to help make sure employees are taking leave for a medical reason – and not just to go to the beach.

Was failed polygraph test the real reason she wasn’t promoted?

An employee fails a polygraph test after some cash is stolen, but the company can’t prove she actually committed the crime. Later, she’s passed over for a promotion. She sues, saying she was unfairly punished for a theft she hadn’t committed. Did she win? Read the dramatized version of this real-life case and see if […] [MORE]

Answers to tricky HR questions: Handling jury duty

Our team of experts fields real-life, everyday questions from HR managers and gives practical answers that can be applied by any HR pro in the same situation. Today’s question centers around handling employees who are summoned to jury duty.

Giving until it hurts

From Girl Scout cookie drives to workplace birthday clubs, non-work fundraisers have become a part of many company cultures. Should management be concerned?