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Principal may be fired for making six-year-old clean toilet

Fireable offense, or just incredibly bad judgment that merits less drastic discipline? You make the call in the case of the principal, the six-year-old and the toilet.

‘What are you doing with that gourd on your head?’

As an HR pro, have you ever had to discipline employees for not wearing proper safety equipment?

Special ed. director parked illegally in handicapped spot

A school district in Arizona has counseled its special education director and apologized to the parent of  students with disabilities after the director parked illegally in a handicapped space.

The manager’s guide to great documentation

You’ve probably mentioned it to managers a hundred times: When there’s a problem with an employee, make sure we have good documentation to back up any discipline. Employment law attorney Penelope Phillips explains a few hints that will make documentation better than “good.”

Complaint: Teacher called 13-year-old a terrorist

We’re sure that as an HR pro, you do your best to encourage a collegial atmosphere at work whenever possible. We’d say calling someone a terrorist isn’t very collegial.

Faking photos forces firing

When it comes to employee discipline, this is how it’s supposed to work: Taking action against one worker for wrongdoing discourages others from trying the same thing.

Employee’s affair gets her disciplined — was it fair?

A federal court has ruled that a city did not violate the Constitutional rights of an employee who received a verbal reprimand for having an affair.

Disciplined while on FMLA? Was it legal?

Disciplining problem employees can get tricky for managers — especially when it’s a lax performer who just got back from medical leave. Here’s how to protect your company against retaliation suits.

Surfing for naughty photos at work: Is suspension, demotion enough?

The story of a bureaucrat in Japan who was suspended and demoted for offensive surfing at work provides the public (and you lucky HR Blunders readers), an opportunity to chime in on what would constitute appropriate discipline.

Answers to two tricky HR questions: Disciplinary pay cuts and 900-number reference checks

Our team of experts fields real-life, everyday questions from HR managers and gives practical answers that can be applied by any HR pro in the same situation. Today: 1. The legality of using pay cuts as discipline and 2. the value of 900 numbers for reference checks.