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Check your health plan: EEOC says denying this coverage is now discriminatory

Excluding a certain type of coverage from your company’s health plan has officially become risky business — even though it’s possible the same couldn’t have been said about this exclusion a few years ago. 

EEOC issues new discrimination guidance: 11 changes to pay attention to

The EEOC is supplanting a 14-year-old section in its compliance manual with a brand new set of enforcement guidance. 

3 costly mistakes that could be lurking in your documentation

It’s not always what’s missing from employee documentation that could get you in trouble. It’s also what may already be in your documentation that could land you on the wrong end of a lawsuit. 

EEOC issues 2017 enforcement plan: 6 areas it’s targeting next

The EEOC just issued its second-ever Strategic Enforcement Plan. This is a big deal. Here’s why. 

Can you kick a 102-year-old out of the office, even if it’s ‘for his own good’?

If you’re worried about an employee’s health or safety in his current position, can you force the employee to work elsewhere? 

EEOC: Don’t tell staff this about ADA-protected workers

Beware: What you say to your employees about a co-worker’s ADA condition/claim could lead to a retaliation charge. 

Federal court says sexual orientation not protected under Title VII: Now what?

Just when you think the employment law world has reached a solid conclusion on an issue, something like this happens. 

EEOC: You don’t even have to be disabled to be ADA-protected

A recent lawsuit by the EEOC provides another example of just how broad the ADA’s employee protections really are. 

11 reasons to pay attention to EEOC’s new discrimination guidance

The EEOC’s latest proposed guidance covers a topic a lot of employers probably think they already know well: national origin discrimination. But the new guidance throws in a few wrinkles about what’s considered discriminatory — and how to stay in compliance — that employers need to know. 

Supreme Court gives workers a little more room to sue you

The Supreme Court’s latest ruling isn’t going to make a lot of employers happy.