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New year, new goals: 7 HR trends to tackle in 2019

With the emergence of a tight labor market and a focus on preventing sexual harassment, HR pros had their hands full in 2018. 

How closing the gender gap improves your bottom line

Despite years of high-profile diversity initiatives at corporations across the world, a recent study by consulting giant McKinsey & Co. paints a sobering picture of stalled progress.

Firing staffer for ‘gender stereotypes’ memo sets off Google’s free speech nightmare

When Google fired a software engineer over a memo he wrote criticizing the company’s diversity efforts, little did it know it would set off a chain of events that put it smack dab in the middle of a national media frenzy — and an HR nightmare.

Should you put employees on same-gender teams – or mix things up?

Here’s something you might guess: Men like working with other men, and women like working with other women. But here’s something you might not: That’s not a good HR strategy. 

Does offering bagels and cream cheese constitute ‘proselytizing’?

In this holiday season, a case which reminds us of just how complicated all this diversity stuff can get:

Don’t forget to file revamped EE0-1 form

Heads up: The deadline for filing the new EEO-1 Form is fast approaching.

Who makes the most? You might be surprised

The American workplace has made substantial strides toward diversity — and while there’s still a lot of room for improvement, some minority employees are doing quite well in the compensation department, according to new research.

4 common referral mistakes – and how HR can fix them

Referrals from current employees are the most common way companies find new hires, according to several surveys. But that doesn’t mean they always provide the most qualified candidates.

Survey: Half of all employees have felt discriminated against

Managers can often give the impression of bias even when they don’t intentionally discriminate. It looks like too many of them are doing just that.

Job ad mistake that gets HR hit with bias claims

When does attempting to recruit a diverse group of applicants cross the line and become illegal discrimination?