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What exactly is business casual? A do’s and don’ts dress code policy

If you’re telling new hires that your dress policy is “business casual,” you can bet they’ll do three things before they show up for work the next day. 

The practical and legal issues around establishing an ‘appearance code’

Dress codes can be a tricky area for many employers. But there are ways to set up a policy that works both for the organization and its employees. Guest poster and attorney Andria L. Ryan lays out a plan. 

What were they thinking? Going overboard on appearance rules

It’s a given: People who are well-groomed and well-dressed make a good impression. Here’s a case of taking that premise to its absurd conclusion.

Have these incentives, policies become dead weight?

Every workplace has them: those antiquated and ineffective practices that have become as much a part of your workplace as the office coffee pot.

Religion bias: 3 questions managers must ask to stay out of court

HR knows how tough enforcing company policies can be. But it can be even tougher to decide when you need to bend the rules to avoid a day in court.

‘But I need to show my tattoos. It’s my religion …’

You’ve got a policy against facial piercings and visible tattoos. Sounds fair. But what happens when an employee claims to be a member of the “Church of Body Modification?”

This would eliminate Casual Friday problems

Many popular U.S. TV reality shows got started in Europe. Here’s one reality show, based in the workplace, that we hope doesn’t make the trip across the Atlantic.

Dress codes: How do you spell “decolletage”?

File this one under, “How many times do I have to tell them about … ?” The answer, when it comes to admonitions against skimpy clothing, is “every year.”

Dress codes: Watch out! Could businesses be next on the fashion police hit list?

One state may be on its way to outlawing a fashion made popular in part by teenagers. If the anti-droopy-drawers bill becomes law, are businesses next up for fashion conscious legislators?