Human Resources News & Insights

This may be the key to increasing employee productivity: Financial education at work

Many companies do not realize this, but many of their employees struggle with an escalating epidemic that is affecting today’s workforce. 

Don’t forget human touch in your benefits communication

There are plenty of technological innovations in the world of benefits services and communications, but HR pros should never forget the importance of old-fashioned human interaction.  

FLSA alert: Some employee training exempt from OT

Under the FLSA, most employees who receive training above and beyond the normal workweek have to be paid overtime for the time they spend in that training. But the law has an oft-overlooked exception that could benefit a lot of employers.

2 New Places To Uncover Health Savings

Separate studies have uncovered two new things employers should be doing that can start saving them big bucks on healthcare costs.

Are you kidding? Employees want savings advice, but won’t use it

If you didn’t already know it, this research proves it: Employees are a strange breed.

Ready for talent crisis after Boomers retire? These industries could be hardest hit

Are you worried about the supposedly inevitable brain drain that’ll follow the retirement of the Baby Boomers? If you’re in these industries, maybe you should be.

U.S. workers speak out: 5 things they want from retirement plans now

Employees are clamoring for improvements to company-provided retirement plans — and here’s their wish list.

Heads up: Feds to take close look at employer retirement plans

A letter from the Internal Revenue Service may soon find its way to your desk.

Paycheck Fairness Act ‘could cripple small businesses’

Now that healthcare reform is a done deal, employers have a new Congressional concern: The Paycheck Fairness Act.

Training: Can’t afford to offer it … or can’t afford not to?

Heads up: 8 in 10 workers say they’d like to receive more training — now. Why? Many are concerned that as the economy rebounds, competition for their jobs will get tougher, and they could get left behind.