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Why organizations need a program to promote peer recognition in the workplace

Well, whaddya know? It is actually better to give than to receive.  

16 building blocks that bolster employee engagement

Do you know what sets your company apart from the rest for job seekers? Is it your recent accomplishments? How about your Fitness Fridays or Casual Mondays? Or is it the opportunities you provide for employees to grow throughout your firm and take their careers to the next level? 

The crying will continue until morale improves

Now here’s the strangest employee engagement program we’ve come across in a long time.  

Professional development positively effects engagement and retention, study says

Just how big a role does professional development play in employee engagement and retention? A recent study provides us with some new insight. 

Employee satisfaction at highest point in a decade, survey says

How satisfied are your employees?  

What’s the real ROI on your benefits programs? How to find out

Given the ever-increasing costs of employee benefits programs — and the need to maintain them in order to attract the best talent — it only makes sense to know exactly what you’re getting for your benefits buck. Guest poster Brenden Mielke explains how analytics can help.  

A list of the Top 20 employee perks you’re probably not offering

We’re all aware that generous benefits packages are an effective enticement for potential hires. But are you willing to go as far as these companies to sweeten employee perks?  

Exactly how motivated, engaged is your staff? A quick quiz

Employee engagement is the key to improved profits, employee morale and retention. There’s just one problem: The vast majority of employees say they aren’t engaged at work. Is that reflective of what’s happening at your company? 

How much time is too much time with the boss?

No doubt, strong employee-boss relationships help drive a successful business. And employees who regularly spend time with their manager benefit from strong communication, collaboration and insight. But here’s the million-dollar question: 

A real-world approach to getting the feedback you need from employees

See if this sounds familiar: During an annual review with one of your department employees, they tell you that everything is fine and they couldn’t be happier – yet a month or two later they resign. What happened? Guest poster Deb Dwyer, founder and president of HSD Metrics, offers some perspective.