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Make sure your male and female employees are paid equally: 4 steps to close the gap

Of course, most employers don’t set out to intentionally pay female employees less than male employees. Nevertheless, it ends up happening a lot more than you’d expect. 

What? Google sued for discriminating against white, conservative men

Google’s made headlines in recent months after being sued for treating women and minorities unfairly. But now, a lawsuit claims the tech giant is actually discriminating against an unexpected group of workers.

Court dismisses Google’s equal pay lawsuit, but company’s not off the hook yet

After a series of blows against its pay practices, a judge finally granted Google some good news. But the ruling also made it clear the tech juggernaut’s legal saga wasn’t over yet.

Spotlight on equal pay: What your peers are doing to prevent a Google situation

Employers are well aware pay discrepancies between genders could come back to haunt them. As a result, many are taking proactive steps to make sure they prevent or address any problems before it’s too late. 

Stage set for landmark equal pay lawsuit: What’s at stake in Google’s HR nightmare?

After the PR nightmare it suffered following a male staffer’s memo on “gender stereotypes,” Google is now facing an even bigger headache — a pay-discrimination claim that could become a class-action suit with thousands of class members.

Obama enlists EEOC in the fight against pay discrimination

President Obama has made it clear that equal pay is one of his top priorities, and his latest action should go a long way to advancing that goal. It’s also likely to add a significant amount of administrative work for HR and benefits pros.  

Extreme pay inequality, brought to you by U.S. World Cup champions

In 2014, the German men’s team was awarded $35 million after winning the 2014 World Cup. So how much was the U.S. women’s team awarded for winning this year’s World Cup? 

Equal pay also means equal severance: Judge

Remember that thing about equal pay for equal work? It also applies to severance packages, according to a recent federal court ruling.