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If they’re revived: 9 remarkable overtime rule tips from DOL insider

If the DOL’s changes to the overtime rule end up getting upheld after the recent injunction, they could be enacted quickly. As a result, you need to make sure you’ve dotted your “i’s” and crossed your “t’s” in preparation for the rule. 

Meet the bill built to stop the overtime rule changes

Senate and House Republicans want the Obama administration to do a little more research before pushing through its changes to the FLSA’s white-collar overtime exemption regulations. 

DOL’s final overtime rule moves forward: What’s next?

Get ready: The DOL’s final rule revising the white-collar overtime exemption regulations has advanced. So employers now have a pretty good idea of when it’ll go into effect. 

DOL quietly drops big news on new overtime rules

The DOL’s been pretty quiet about what it’s doing behind the scenes about changing the overtime exemption rules and salary threshold. But it has finally spoken. 

What 94% of HR pros are doing to prepare for new OT regs

The DOL’s new overtime regs will make reviewing the classifications of exempt employees an absolute must for businesses everywhere. Luckily for most HR pros, this won’t be anything new.  

Cardinal FLSA sin costs employer $18.3M in overtime case

To terminate FLSA accusations against it brought on by the DOL, oil and gas giant Halliburton Co. will shell out $18.3M. Its mistake is always No. 1 on every list ever assembled of things employers should not do when employing salaried workers. 

Why DOL’s new OT rules may not increase pay

The DOL has said it expects its new overtime exemption rule changes to make roughly 4.6 million workers eligible for OT, resulting in bigger paychecks. But is that really what’s going to happen? 

Finally! The DOL’s finished revising the FLSA’s overtime rules

It has been a long, nervous year for the business community ever since President Obama ordered the DOL to revise the FLSA’s overtime exemption rules — to make more salaried workers overtime-eligible. 

What will FLSA’s new OT-exempt minimum salary be? Here’s a hint

By now you know there are some big changes coming to the FLSA. You’re just waiting for the details. Well, they’re starting to leak out of Washington — and they’re not as heavy-handed as some feared. 

Are you ready for a wage-and-hour audit? One may be on the horizon

You’ve no doubt heard about the recent surge in wage-and-hour lawsuits filed by employees who feel they’ve been cheated by their employer’s allegedly improper pay practices. A growing number of companies are taking steps to protect themselves from these potentially disastrous claims.