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One surprising upside to DOL’s overtime rule change

The DOL’s change to the FLSA’s white collar overtime exemptions aren’t all doom and gloom for employers. There’s at least one silver lining. 

Big news on DOL’s new overtime salary threshold

When it comes to complying with the DOL’s coming changes to the white collar overtime exemption regulations, employers will take any relief they can get. As a result, employers will likely embrace this suspected change to the regs. 

DOL’s final overtime rule moves forward: What’s next?

Get ready: The DOL’s final rule revising the white-collar overtime exemption regulations has advanced. So employers now have a pretty good idea of when it’ll go into effect. 

Will Obama administration succeed in loosening OT restrictions?

President Obama wants to make it easier for your people to be eligible for overtime.  

The essential guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act

The other employment laws have nothing on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Here’s why the FLSA is the employment law you’re most likely to violate.