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ACLU sues Facebook for discriminatory job ads

Facebook is in hot water once again — this time, for job ads targeting exclusively men for roles such as police officers, truck drivers and sports store clerks. 

Facebook invites HR pros to steal its sexual harassment policy

In the wake of surging workplace sexual harassment allegations across all industries, Facebook is taking a drastic step.

7 traits Facebook found when it looked at its best managers

When it comes time to hire or promote someone into management, Facebook has come up with a checklist of what you should be looking for in a leader. 

Well, that was dumb: Facebook post gets man fired for FMLA abuse

It never ceases to amaze what kinds of social media posts employees feel are OK. How could this man have possibly thought it was appropriate to post this while on FMLA leave? 

Unbelievable: NLRB rules worker’s ‘F*** his family’ statement is protected speech

The worst kept secret in HR: The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is doing whatever it can to “protect employees speech rights” — or, as many employers see it, give workers the green light to say pretty much whatever they want about their employers. 

When HR’s worst Facebook nightmare becomes a reality

Social media can certainly help employers in a lot of ways. But here’s an alarming example of the sad fact that even if you do everything right on social media, it can still burn you down. 

Ruling: What’s not allowed when accessing employees’ social media sites

There are a lot of laws HR pros pay close attention to (FMLA, ADA, FLSA, etc.), but the Stored Communications Act typically isn’t one of them. That should change. 

5 secrets to weeding out bad candidates using social media

Sure, you’re looking for the right mix of skills and experience in a candidate, but you’re also looking for the “right fit.” In other words, you want someone who’ll blend seamlessly into your company culture. Problem is, a resume and interview can’t always answer the “fit” question. 

Time wasters: Employees are costing you by … [INFOGRAPHIC]

Staffers aren’t working every second they’re in the office (though that’d be nice). Here’s where their time goes when it’s not toward work. 

Facebook ‘like’ led to two firings: Was it actually legal?

Disciplining or firing employees for social media missteps could get a lot more complicated.