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Tricky new I-9 scam wreaking havoc on employers: What to watch for

If you get a very convincing email from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) about info on your employees’ I-9s, don’t follow the instructions.

Obamacare: What HR needs to know about final excepted benefits rule

There are a number of benefits — such as dental and vision coverage — that the Affordable Care Act addresses in the “excepted benefits” rules. So HR will definitely want to take a look at the feds’ final rule on this subject.

Feds give retirement plans more breathing room

It looks like the Department of Labor (DOL) will give employers some relief when it comes to complying with its new retirement plan fee disclosure rules.

Feds to loosen health reform regs, again?

As more healthcare reform mandates begin to take effect, the White House has been analyzing the new law’s impact. And as a result, it’s contemplating loosening yet another requirement.

Feds again look to tighten the screws on worker classification

Be careful. President Obama and congressional Democrats have declared war on companies that wrongly classify employees as independent contractors.

Think you’re FLSA-compliant? Prove it, feds say

The DOL says it’s replacing its “catch me if you can” strategy with a new one that will require employers to prove to the government that they are complying with wage and hour laws.

Feds may require you to provide paid sick days

The feds may soon force you to provide five paid sick days for every employee.