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4 signs top talent may leave: Best strategies to keep them

There are few things an HR pro dreads more than when a great employee hands in their notice. The challenge of having to replace them can be overwhelming. 

New research highlights keys to successful feedback and performance management

Performance management theory and practice is among the fastest-evolving areas of human resources. New research from corporate performance think tanks reflects recent psychological insights into the power – and drawbacks – of how we provide performance feedback to employees.

50% of employees leave because of their managers: 3 things that’ll get them to stay

Fewer than one-third of employees in the U.S. are engaged in their work, and a recent study links that low number directly to managers. 

How ‘declined offer’ interviews can help sharpen your hiring process

You’ve slogged through dozens of resumes, set up and conducted multiple rounds of interviews and, finally, you’ve extended an offer to the perfect candidate. Except she decides to go with another company’s offer instead.  

Top 10 mistakes managers make when giving feedback

Orchestrating a great feedback session is as much about what you shouldn’t do as what you should. 

One phrase that will help any manager deliver better feedback

The most important part of being in a leadership position is providing great feedback. And there’s a phrase that’s been scientifically proven to help you — and your managers — provide better feedback. 

The workers speak: 4 reasons why managers’ feedback doesn’t stick

Nothing is more frustrating than employees who don’t listen. And most managers know the struggle of trying to get employees to follow their advice.  

85% of managers are failing your employees in this critical area

Here’s something disturbing: Resent research shows employees value this singular, no-cost perk more than even health insurance — yet, in the vast majority of cases, they aren’t getting it. What is it?

The key to keep younger workers from jumping ship

What can companies do to get their young workers to stick around longer? Give them more feedback. A new study highlights just how much feedback you should be giving these workers.

5 onboarding tactics that get long-term results

Congratulations! You’ve hired the right person for the right job. Now all you have to do is make sure your new hire makes a smooth transition to valued employee. How hard can that be? Actually, this transformative process, called onboarding, is more difficult — and more important — than it may seem, according to guest […] [MORE]