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Making the argument for flexible scheduling

Does flexible work time make actually employees more productive — and, more importantly, is it feasible for your company? Guest author Pierce Ivory explores just how effective flexible work time can be for employers of all stripes.  

How this firm’s flex-time came back to bite it in disability case

If you’re one of the thousands of companies that offer flex-time, this new disability decision will likely be of special interest.

The coolest thing about employee engagement: It’s contagious

Two new studies, both from Gallup, show what it takes to boost employees’ well being at your firm.

It’s NOT the most wonderful time of the year for working parents

If there’s one time of year when workers value flexible schedules, it’s got to be the holiday season.

Perks that work: No-cost incentives to keep workers happy

Let’s face it: You’re probably not handing out big raises right now — and that can put a damper on morale. But savvy managers have found ways to keep employees upbeat — and performing — without breaking the bank.

Building a case for flex-time, telecommuting at your company

Many employees clamor for flex-time and telecommuting benefits — yet the top brass is often reluctant to approve.

3 hidden health risks of long commutes

Long commutes can be dangerous to your health.

Simple policy tweak improves workers’ health, productivity

Your company policies directly impact employees’ risk of heart disease, how much they sleep and their families’ well-being, eight separate studies have found.

Avoiding layoffs: More companies offering flex-time, reduced workweeks

To weather the recession and avoid reducing their workforces, more employers are offering options such as flex-time and reduced workweeks.

My best management idea: Tailored flex-time plan offered benefit without the hassle

Ginny Priborski knew employees were clamoring for flex-time — but she also understood total flexibility wasn’t in the cards for most people at her company. The solution: a tailor-made compromise.