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New FLSA overtime rules: Hard numbers show what they could cost

The DOL is changing the compensation game. It’s rewriting the FLSA’s overtime exemption rules in an effort to make more employees overtime-eligible. What’s this going to cost employers? 

What employment law violations got this owner 3 years in jail?

Meet Miguel Castro, 44, of Uniontown, OH. He was just sentenced to 33 months in prison after being found guilty of charges resulting from investigations by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Labor. 

Finally! The DOL’s finished revising the FLSA’s overtime rules

It has been a long, nervous year for the business community ever since President Obama ordered the DOL to revise the FLSA’s overtime exemption rules — to make more salaried workers overtime-eligible. 

Creative attempt to dodge FLSA costs employer $305K

You don’t get any points for how inventive you are when doing it. The bottom line is violating the FLSA’s going to cost you a pretty penny when the DOL finds out about it. 

What’s going on with those FLSA overtime revisions?

Wondering what’s become of the FLSA overtime revisions the feds have promised to issue? Don’t worry, you haven’t missed them. The DOL just keeps pushing back their release. 

Can you believe what the DOL’s doing to suspected wage violators now?

There’s one superpower you probably didn’t know the DOL even had.

What will FLSA’s new OT-exempt minimum salary be? Here’s a hint

By now you know there are some big changes coming to the FLSA. You’re just waiting for the details. Well, they’re starting to leak out of Washington — and they’re not as heavy-handed as some feared. 

Brace for new OT rules now, says former DOL admin

The FLSA’s new “white-collar” exemptions that are expected to drastically expand who’s entitled to overtime pay should be be released very soon — and a former DOL administrator has offered a sneak peak at what they’ll look like. 

When doing more with less becomes an FLSA violation

If you’re like most firms, you’re asking both employees and managers to do more with less these days. But did you know that you could run afoul of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by doing so?

6 must-haves for BYOD policies

It’s a perk many employees love: being allowed to use personal devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets) to get their work done. But this trend can backfire on employers that don’t have a clear policy in place to govern the usage of these devices.