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Can an employee take FMLA leave for the death of a pet? Court weighs in

Almost everyone knows how difficult the loss of a beloved pet can be. But is it upsetting enough to qualify for FMLA leave? 

Turns out HR pros & managers can be liable (personally) for FMLA violations

Courts have ruled that managers and supervisors can be held personally liable for FLSA violations. And now, in a new twist, courts are saying they can be individually liable for FMLA violations as well. Here’s why and when. 

3 things managers can’t say after FMLA requests

You know when employees request FMLA leave, those conversations have to stick to the facts about what the workers need and why. The problem is, a lot of managers don’t know that — and here’s proof some of their stray comments can cost you dearly in court. 

9 FMLA record-keeping requirements employers need to know

When an employee goes on leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), it can pay to double-check that your FMLA record-keeping processes are up to snuff, in case your FMLA administration/processes are ever called into question. 

Want to ease FMLA headaches? Doctors prescribe 3 remedies

Here’s a great way to clear up FMLA certification and administration headaches. 

What is ‘enhanced’ FMLA fitness-for-duty, and how can you use it?

If you’re concerned an employee won’t be able to take on his or her job responsibilities after FMLA leave, here’s a tool you can use to protect your company. 

FMLA notices: Missing key piece of info keeps employee’s lawsuit alive

Here’s proof you can never assume employees know about even the most basic aspects of the FMLA. 

Does your FMLA policy jibe with DOL’s latest move?

The DOL’s latest FMLA move has made reviewing your leave policy a must — or you could face penalties. 

FMLA violation? Worker said he was sick, walked off the job and was fired

Here’s a scenario any manager could learn a valuable FMLA lesson from. 

New FMLA poster issued by DOL: But do you have to use it?

The DOL just issued a new General FMLA Notice for employers to hang in their workplaces.