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FMLA violation? Worker said he was sick, walked off the job and was fired

Here’s a scenario any manager could learn a valuable FMLA lesson from. 

New FMLA poster issued by DOL: But do you have to use it?

The DOL just issued a new General FMLA Notice for employers to hang in their workplaces. 

Oops: This FMLA policy was missing something kind of important

It’s time to double-check that your FMLA policy and notices aren’t missing this critical, but apparently easy to overlook, piece of info. 

Can workers really decline FMLA leave? Second court weighs in

A dangerous trend for employers is appearing in FMLA lawsuits. 

FMLA abuse: A lesson in standing up to it

Handling intermittent FMLA leave can be intimidating. Here’s a case that shows it pays to act decisively when you suspect the employee-centric regs are being abused.  

Wait … there are how many people on FMLA leave?

A new analysis of how many U.S. workers are actually taking FMLA leave at any given time — and why they’re taking it — clearly illustrates why administering this type of leave has become such a huge pain in the butt. 

‘You can’t fire me, I’m on FMLA’: Was mistake-prone worker correct?

As you know, taking FMLA leave can’t completely shield an employee from termination, especially when the person’s performance warrants him or her being fired. But the FMLA very much complicates the matter. So what do you need to be able to safely let under-performing FMLA-takers go? 

FMLA policy blunder proves very costly for employer

What this employer’s FMLA policy didn’t say has it facing an expensive jury trial. 

HR won’t like this new ruling: FMLA can change employee’s job … permanently

When this worker asked his employer if he could take intermittent FMLA leave in such a way that it would permanently change the nature of his job, the employer denied his request. But then a court stepped in and said the employer didn’t have the right to do that — and you won’t like the […] [MORE]

Email’s not good enough for FMLA notices either, court rules

Courts don’t trust the U.S. Post Office or Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, or any other email service to deliver your Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) notices to employees. So what’s an employer to do?