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Surprise! Feds’ new controls preventing subsidy fraud

A report from the Government Accountability Office makes a surprising claim about how easy it is to make a false refund claim under the COBRA subsidy credit program.

IRS decrees: No form, no HIRE Act credit

The last piece of the puzzle needed to claim the special payroll tax exemption on qualified new hires just fell into place.

IRS adds new ‘W’ series form to its roster

IRS just released a brand-new form, and it’s one many employers can’t live without.

Make this crucial last-minute check on COBRA subsidies

There’s a hitch to reporting COBRA premium subsidies that could cause problems with the fourth-quarter Form 941, due the end of this month.

If you get an erroneous 941 penalty notice …

Employers that receive a proposed penalty notice from IRS asking them to submit Schedule B (Form 941), Report of Tax Liability for Semiweekly Schedule Depositors, should do so – even if they previously sent in the form as required.

Payroll alert: Don’t forget credit for COBRA subsidy

With the end-of-quarter approaching, remind Payroll that not taking proper credit on the Form 941 for any COBRA subsidy payments your company made could be costly.

Good news: Feds nix COBRA reporting for ’09

The Internal Revenue Service just let you off the hook for what could’ve been a big administrative hassle this year-end.

IRS rejecting some COBRA reimbursement requests

There’s a chance your request for reimbursement (on Form 941) of your COBRA subsidy could get bounced back by Feds.

Form 941 due Apr. 30 — read this before you file

Few people will forget to report the highly-publicized COBRA subsidy info on the Form 941 – but it might be easy to overlook another lesser-discussed change that’s also effective this quarter.

New info you must have before submitting Form 941

IRS finally announced how employers — those without a crystal ball — should complete Line 12b, related to the new COBRA subsidy payments, on the newly revised Form 941.