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Tricky new I-9 scam wreaking havoc on employers: What to watch for

If you get a very convincing email from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) about info on your employees’ I-9s, don’t follow the instructions.

Patent office workers bilk the government for $18M in hours not worked

Your tax dollars at work — or rather NOT at work: A federal investigation into the Patent and Trademark Office has revealed that patent review clerks were paid more than $18 million for hours they never worked.  

Workers’ comp fraud: Better watch those falling sprinkler heads

Luckily, they’re pretty rare. But some employees will go to astonishing lengths to fake on-the-job injuries in order to collect workers’ comp.  

Riding a workers’ comp claim – straight to jail!

Horseback riding and total disability benefits just don’t mix.

DOL proposes rules to crack down on healthcare plan fraud

The DOL just proposed two new rules to protect employers and employees who pool their healthcare premiums in multi-employer plans. If you’re among them, you’ll want to pay attention to what happens next.

Price tag for whistleblower retaliation: $930k

Here’s yet another example of how expensive retaliation lawsuits can be for today’s employers.

Who won this case: Real illness, or FMLA fraud?

Can an employer get in hot water for firing a worker on FMLA leave when it catches the employee in an activity specifically barred by his medical certification?  Read the dramatized version of this real-life case and see if you can determine the outcome.

Ignore this IRS e-mail – here’s why

Get an e-mail that says your federal tax deposit was rejected? Here’s why you can probably ignore it.

How to catch a comp cheat? Check the local strip club

It’s not what you think — comp cheats aren’t spending their extra dough at strip clubs. Apparently, they’re making a little extra cash on and off stage.

New app aids employee fraud

Look out for a new Web site that could help employees fraudulently fill out expense reports.