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Sneaky pitfalls that can turn your FSA plan into a compliance nightmare

What happens when a seemingly harmless change to your company’s easy-to-administer FSA plan — a plan that had met the ACA’s “excepted benefits” requirements — suddenly winds up becoming subject to a series of onerous regs?

What you can — and can’t — do with employees’ unused FSA funds

When employees leave unused FSA funds on the table, that money goes to the company. But there are a number of rules that dictate how those funds can be used. And not following those rules can be costly.  

What you need to know about new FSA carryover rules

When the IRS ended the controversial ban on carrying over flexible spending account (FSA) funds from year to year, the feeling among employers and employees was: It’s about time! But the IRS’ new rules have the potential to cause some confusion and make HR pros’ jobs even more difficult.  

IRS finally kills the ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ rule

Every year, rumors swirl about how the feds are finally going to do away with the rule requiring workers with flexible spending accounts (FSAs) to use or forfeit leftover FSA funds before the end of the year. And every year, the use-it-or-lose rule remains … until now.  

Push growing to end reform’s OTC rule

A cost-analysis by the Consumer Healthcare Products Association found 50 million unnecessary visits to doctors could be eliminated and billions saved if the health reform law’s over-the-counter (OTC) drug restrictions were lifted.

Shifting health costs to employees? 3 things to consider first

It’s no secret many employers plan to shift more costs on to employees as healthcare premiums climb. If you’re in that group, here are three things you’ll want to consider before the shifts potentially disrupt morale.

What’s deductible under an FSA keeps getting stranger

After reading what the feds have just decided qualifies as a “medical expense,” you may think lawmakers are smoking a little something.