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Gender bias in promotion decision costs healthcare firm a cool $125k

Here’s another reminder that a woman’s pregnancy can’t be used against her in any employment situation — including promotion decisions. 

What it can look like when you don’t dish out discipline consistently

You know the importance of disciplining employees consistently. But do all of your managers? Here’s a powerful reminder for managers of how it can look to a jury when their discipline isn’t consistent. 

Hiring managers biased against women? Study says yes

A new study says managers of both genders have a hard-wired bias toward hiring men.  

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When ‘explaining’ a worker’s firing comes back to bite you

If you do get questioned by the EEOC about a potential bias charge, here’s a thought: Be very, very clear about why you fired someone.

What were they thinking? Company put together ‘maternity projection chart’

This may be the worst workplace idea we’ve ever heard.

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$39 million later: Merrill Lynch on wrong end of another bias settlement

Less than two weeks after settling the most expensive race bias case ever, Merrill Lynch is again paying big for a multi-million dollar discrimination settlement.  

Court upholds decision that firing ‘irresistible’ worker wasn’t bias

It’s official. Iowa’s highest court has ruled — again — that a dentist did not break the law when he fired an employee because she was too attractive.  

EEOC takes aim at food distributor, claiming gender bias in hiring

HR pros are familiar with the EEOC’s plan to focus on cases of what it considers to be “systemic” discrimination. Here’s a prime example of the kind of situation they’re talking about.  

Thorough investigation, documentation carry the day

Here’s a textbook example of how to handle a discrimination complaint.

Who won this case: Was post-injury physical precaution or discrimination?

Although her doctor’s already given her the green light to return to work, a truck driver is asked to take a follow-up fitness-for-duty physical. She fails the physical and is let go. She sues, charging that male employees in her position weren’t subjected to the follow-up exam. Read the dramatized version of this real-life case […] [MORE]