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Gender bias in promotion decision costs healthcare firm a cool $125k

Here’s another reminder that a woman’s pregnancy can’t be used against her in any employment situation — including promotion decisions. 

Hiring managers biased against women? Study says yes

A new study says managers of both genders have a hard-wired bias toward hiring men.  

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When ‘explaining’ a worker’s firing comes back to bite you

If you do get questioned by the EEOC about a potential bias charge, here’s a thought: Be very, very clear about why you fired someone.

What were they thinking? Company put together ‘maternity projection chart’

This may be the worst workplace idea we’ve ever heard.

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$39 million later: Merrill Lynch on wrong end of another bias settlement

Less than two weeks after settling the most expensive race bias case ever, Merrill Lynch is again paying big for a multi-million dollar discrimination settlement.  

Court upholds decision that firing ‘irresistible’ worker wasn’t bias

It’s official. Iowa’s highest court has ruled — again — that a dentist did not break the law when he fired an employee because she was too attractive.  

Thorough investigation, documentation carry the day

Here’s a textbook example of how to handle a discrimination complaint.

Company toilets spark discrimination suit

Employees often grumble about the conditions of their office buildings or workspaces. But here’s a case where those complaints turned into a full-fledged lawsuit.

Bad news for women at work

The number of women in the workplace is dropping. And so is their pay.