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How closing the gender gap improves your bottom line

Despite years of high-profile diversity initiatives at corporations across the world, a recent study by consulting giant McKinsey & Co. paints a sobering picture of stalled progress.

‘It’s a man’s job’ — and now a woman’s lawsuit

HR must train hiring managers to be careful about what they say during interviews — or the company could face huge legal battles down the road.

Study: Male chauvinist pigs make more money

Men who believe women should remain barefoot and pregnant tend to get paid more than men who think of women as equals in the workplace. At least that’s what one study shows.

Who won this case: Objective interviewing or biased process?

Interviews are a tricky thing. The candidate who looks best on paper might drop to the bottom of the barrel once you meet face-to-face. But what happens when an unsuccessful applicant cries “bias”? Read the facts and decide – Who won this case?

This just in: Looks matter

A new survey says than 9 out of 10 supervisors have hired based on attractiveness. Could they all have gotten sued?