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Court dismisses Google’s equal pay lawsuit, but company’s not off the hook yet

After a series of blows against its pay practices, a judge finally granted Google some good news. But the ruling also made it clear the tech juggernaut’s legal saga wasn’t over yet.

Stage set for landmark equal pay lawsuit: What’s at stake in Google’s HR nightmare?

After the PR nightmare it suffered following a male staffer’s memo on “gender stereotypes,” Google is now facing an even bigger headache — a pay-discrimination claim that could become a class-action suit with thousands of class members.

Firing staffer for ‘gender stereotypes’ memo sets off Google’s free speech nightmare

When Google fired a software engineer over a memo he wrote criticizing the company’s diversity efforts, little did it know it would set off a chain of events that put it smack dab in the middle of a national media frenzy — and an HR nightmare.

Paternity leave: Will everybody eventually offer it?

Employees have long been clamoring for more generous paternity leave, and both Netflix and Microsoft have recently heeded that call. Will this trend trickle down to companies like yours?  

The perils of perks: If you pull one, expect a backlash

You’d probably be hard-pressed to find any Google employees who could complain about the tech juggernaut’s perks and benefits with a straight face. But Google has also found out what happens when you just go and get rid of a seemingly obsolete perk.   

Do health plans & social media mix?

Here’s something you may want to make sure your next healthcare plan has: A social media component.

Google+: Workplace boon or bane?

Google recently unveiled its new foray into the world of social networking with Google+. Here’s how the latest social media monster could help — or hinder — your workforce.

Google’s tying bonus pay to social media

Google’s so gung-ho about social media, it’s tying 25% of employees’ annual bonuses to it.

Same-sex benefit trend: Boosting comp to make up for tax disparity

Employers looking for a unique way to make their benefits packages stand out may want to explore what could turn out to be a national trend.

Quiz: Match the cool benefit to the company that provides it

GOOD Magazine recently published a list entitled “The Top 20 Perks That Make Jobs Better.” Here, we’ve picked out our favorite benefits from that list. Now see if you can guess which of the following companies provided them.