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5 sneaky ways your health plan could lose grandfathered status

Employers that have managed to hang on to their grandfathered health plans for this long will want to pay close attention to the feds’ final regs on the subject.  

Grandfathered health plans in 2014: What you need to know

Got questions about your grandfathered health plan for next year? 

Healthcare reform: 7 changes reshaping the law

Healthcare reform is a moving target. In just a little over a year, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has already started to look different than when it first passed last March. 

Feds give employers more leeway in grandfathered plans

Good news: The feds just gave employers more leeway to make changes to their health plans and maintain their plans’ grandfathered status.

Health reform: Feds make it easier to find plan savings

The White House touted the health reform law as one that would lower costs and let companies keep their health plans if they liked their coverage. Well, it didn’t appear to be working out as planned, so the feds made a change.

Feds to loosen health reform regs, again?

As more healthcare reform mandates begin to take effect, the White House has been analyzing the new law’s impact. And as a result, it’s contemplating loosening yet another requirement.

Can your company really afford your ‘grandfathered’ health plan?

The healthcare reform bill included assurances that employers’ current plans would be “grandfathered” — companies could keep their coverage without being subject to new, expensive mandates. But just-released federal rules make it clear that maintaining that “grandfathered” status is likely to be a very pricey proposition.