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Need to attract millennials? Offer student loan benefits

If you want to attract and retain millennials, it’s all about the benefits. And no perks are more sought after among this group than student loan benefits. In this post, guest author Alyssa Schaefer, the chief marketing officer of Laurel Road, a national online lender, explains why employers can’t wait to roll out student loan benefits […] [MORE]

Dealing with the opioid crisis: 3 important steps for HR

The opioid crisis has invaded the majority of workplaces, and for HR pros, controlling this growing problem can seem like an impossible task. In this guest post, Ian Cook, head of workforce solutions at Visier, offers three critical steps HR should be taking to deal with the opioid crisis.

How video content management systems are transforming HR

Because the job of the HR professional is constantly expanding because of the complexities associated with organizing and prioritizing so many detailed procedures, more employers are turning to video content management systems for help. If you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of this system, guest author Sean Gordon, the CEO of HIRENAMI, an HR […] [MORE]

8 goal-oriented steps to a more engaged workforce

Employee engagement is this year’s buzzword – so much so, people are getting tired of hearing it. Buzzword or not, however, there’s no denying that an engaged employee is a productive employee. In this guest post, Andre Lavoie, CEO of ClearCompany, weighs in on real-life tactics that can lead to a committed, loyal workforce. 

Rules of engagement: Keeping your interns enthused all summer

It’s not always easy to keep interns engaged through a whole summer of helping your regular employees do the crucial work to keep the place profitable. Guest poster Matthew Gordon offers some advice and tactics.