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Healthcare services: Employees want to find less costly care, but need HR’s help

HR pros have been urging employees to ask questions and shop around for less-costly, high-quality health care for years now — and it looks like many employees are finally heeding the call.

Why employees are failing to use FSAs as effectively as they could be?

Whether you offer the grace period or the rollover method, employees have to do some planning to use their FSA funds effectively. Otherwise, they could easily do what a lot of FSA account holders are doing nowadays … 

2 benefits never to put on the chopping block

With healthcare costs continuing to skyrocket — along with fears of triggering the “Cadillac” tax in 2018 — employers are looking into what kinds of benefits they can cut. 

The effect of rising insurance costs on open enrollment, employee demands

With health insurance costs continuing to soar, employees are being asked to shoulder more of the financial load. But as a result, they have some demands of their own. 

Obamacare is raising costs by how much? Survey shows expected impact

The name, “The Affordable Care Act,” doesn’t seem to be doing President Obama’s signature piece of legislation any favors. It appears to have made the law the brunt of employers’ ire because it hasn’t stopped healthcare costs from climbing as the name suggests it would.

A growing problem that could drive up your healthcare costs

You contribute a lot of money so your employees can have health insurance. And, most likely, you want them to use it to stay healthy — and stave off serious (not to mention costly) medical problems down the road. There’s just one problem. 

Employers pumping the brakes on dependent health coverage

To either help you decide how to adjust your benefit offerings this open enrollment season or justify some of the decisions you’ve already made, here’s a look at what other employers are doing with dependent health coverage. 

How high will health premiums climb in 2015? Early estimates are in

The question isn’t if you’ll pay more for your health plan next year. The question is: How much more you’ll pay? 

Employers admit to not-so-nice moves in wake of health reform

The Obama Administration probably isn’t going to like this latest piece of research on its healthcare reform law. 

How the best companies hold the line on health plan costs

What’s the prescription for bringing healthcare costs under control? It’s not a single cure-all, but rather a series of medications designed to work together to keep your health plan costs from crippling you.