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HR pros targeted in new scams: 3 schemes the FBI, IRS say to watch for

Heads up: In recent months, a number of federal agencies — including the FBI and IRS — are warning employers about new scams targeting employees’ direct deposit, W-2 and I-9 information. And these scams have wreaked havoc on scores of companies.

Feds’ new I-9 enforcement push: 4 ways to protect your company

Now is the perfect time for a review of your I-9 compliance efforts for a number of reasons.

Tricky new I-9 scam wreaking havoc on employers: What to watch for

If you get a very convincing email from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) about info on your employees’ I-9s, don’t follow the instructions.

It just got a little easier to charge you with discrimination

Now, even if you’re trying to help individuals work for your company, you could be charged with discrimination. 

‘ICE, ICE Baby’: Feds launch ‘silent raids’ of 1,000 firms

Here’s hoping your I-9 paperwork is in order. 

The new I-9 form is here! The new I-9 form is here!

It’s baaaaack — the feds have issued a new I-9 form for you to certify new hires’ eligibility for employment. 

Where is the new I-9?

The I-9 form is about to undergo some major changes. But the $64,000 question on every HR pros’ mind: When?

Form I-9 still valid after Aug. 31 expiration date

Don’t believe everything you read on your government documents.

Use of E-Verify skyrocketing, report says

This E-Verify thing seems to be catching on.

ICE is at it again — 1,000 new hiring audits on tap

The Immigration folks are undertaking a new hiring audit push. Did you get your notification letter?