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‘ICE, ICE Baby’: Feds launch ‘silent raids’ of 1,000 firms

Here’s hoping your I-9 paperwork is in order. 

ICE is at it again — 1,000 new hiring audits on tap

The Immigration folks are undertaking a new hiring audit push. Did you get your notification letter?

Feds turning up the heat on I-9s: New audits

The feds are at it again — Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is issuing 500 new inspection notices to organizations all over the U.S. If the ICEmen cometh, would your company be ready?

Feds announce new I-9 audits and fines

The first round of employer audits for I-9 infractions apparently went so well that Immigration and Customers Enforcement has decided to extend the audit program and reveal the fines for violations.

More I-9 audits, big fines: What HR needs to do now

The feds haven’t finished the first massive I-9 audit, and they’ve already announced a new round — this time targeting 1,000 employers.

Feds crack down on I-9s: 4 things HR needs to know

The federal government’s cracking down on I-9 recordkeeping, with a big nationwide audit underway and more investigations likely to come soon.

E-Verify: Does it have a ‘gaping hole’?

Is E-Verify ready for prime time? Definitely not, says a group of lawmakers who believe the system may be less accurate than previously thought.

ICE crackdown: More than 650 I-9 audit notices

The Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Unit has reiterated its intent to seek criminal prosecution for employers that willingly hire and employ undocumented workers.

Feds launch nationwide I-9 audit

To further prove that immigration reform is still on the front burner, Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced its plan to implement a nationwide audit of employer I-9s.

Obama puts employers in immigration crosshairs

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced details of its new strategy to fight illegal immigration — and part of the plan is to focus more energy on going after employers.