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Feds kill two ’employee-friendly’ rule interpretations, but will it help HR?

The DOL’s latest move gives employers some hope that the aggressive, pro-employee enforcement agenda of the agency’s previous administration is coming to an end.

C’mon — male strippers aren’t ‘creative professionals’?

Some people just don’t appreciate art. A U.S. District Court judge in Georgia has ruled that male strippers don’t qualify for exempt status as “creative professionals.”   

15 ways to avoid feds’ independent contractor wrath

Working with independent contractors? Here are 15 ways to ensure you don’t end up as the next write-up on the Department of Labor’s website for misclassifying them as employees.

Workers can be both employees and ICs, IRS rules

There are some things you just know: The sun will rise, Friday follows Thursday and if a worker is an employee, he or she can’t be an independent contractor (IC). Right? Well, you might want to double-check your calendar because at least one of these truths has just been discredited.  

A cautionary tale concerning ICs: Strippers ruled as ’employees’

A new court ruling is a win for exotic dancers in Kansas — and also highlights the difficulties in determining just who qualifies as an independent contractor.

9 HR mistakes likely to get you sued

Whether to save money or administrative headaches, many employers make these all-to-common HR mistakes that can cost them big time.

Watch out for new push in FLSA enforcement

Heads up: The feds and a group of states are taking a tag-team approach to making sure employees are properly classified under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

IRS advisory board suggests ways to trim misclassifications

If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) takes its advisory council’s suggestions to heart, you may be reclassifying some workers.

Employee or independent contractor? 3 ways to tell

When an independent contractor was fired, he retaliated … by suing the company where he worked for misclassifying him. He wanted back pay for the 26 hours of overtime he worked each week for 12 years. Did he win?

Answers to tricky HR questions: Could asking DOL for advice put us in jeopardy?

Our team of experts fields real-life, everyday questions from HR managers and gives practical answers that can be applied by any HR pro in the same situation. Today’s question: Will asking the DOL for guidance on classifying workers trigger an investigation?