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5 biggest reasons employees quit jobs quickly

As you know all too well, it’s hard to hold onto new employees. Thus, onboarding programs were born. The problem is, there are several reasons onboarding may not be working. 

When it comes to employee engagement, ‘one-size-fits-all’ isn’t working

There’s bad news for organizations working hard to improve employee engagement: Overall, it’s still declining.  

No, the world is not fair. Good-looking people do better. Get over it.

Apparently, the world is exactly as superficial as we all feared.

65 awesome stats that’ll make you better at recruiting & retention

The dirty work’s been done for you. Numerous reports and studies have been scoured, and the best findings have been delivered to you on a silver platter. 

Social media recruiting: 30 tools HR can’t live without [INFOGRAPHIC]

Trying to find new employees via social media? Here’s what you’ll need. 

INFOGRAPHIC: The biggest workplace time wasters are …

Admit it: Neither you nor your employees work nonstop throughout the day (though it might feel like it sometimes). So what are the ways that people waste their time at work — and is there anything HR can do to prevent it? 

INFOGRAPHIC: Employee engagement — what it is and isn’t

Employee engagement is like the great white whale of HR — everyone knows what it looks like, but not many people know how to foster it in staff members. Here’s some new info on what’s needed for employees to be engaged and how companies can go about obtaining it.

HR Morning’s Election Infographic

HR Morning recently completed an email survey revealing how HR professionals view the two presidential candidates and the most pressing issues impacting HR. Take a look: Embed this infographic on your own site Copy and paste this code into your blog post or web page: <a href=””><img title=”HR Morning’s Election Infographic” src=”” alt=”HR Morning’s Election Infographic” […] [MORE]

Why it pays to thank employees (INFOGRAPHIC)

It’s a given that managers should thank staff for a job well done. But few realize how failing to do so can affect a company’s bottom line.