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3 ways Obamacare can help your company

Healthcare reform is obviously not what everyone wishes it could be. Everyone wishes costs were lower, for example. But that’s not to say it’s completely devoid of redeeming qualities.

10 ACA questions employees want you to answer – now

If employees haven’t come to you with questions about the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) affect on them, get ready … they’re coming. Want to know what they’re going to ask? 

Small business still doesn’t understand health reform

By this point, every company knows what they have to do to comply with healthcare reform, right? A new study says that might not be the case.

Health insurers to issue more than $1B in rebates to customers, employers

If you sponsor a health plan, and you’re not self-insured, you could be getting a nice fat check from your insurance carrier this August.

Warning: New technology makes it easier to uncover workers’ comp violations

How easy is it to spot a company failing to fund workers’ comp benefits? It can’t be too hard if just eight inspectors in Georgia were able to uncover 538 businesses without comp insurance in just three months. What’s changed?

Feds’ new rules & deadline for health summaries

The healthcare reform law requires employers who sponsor health plans to provide workers with “summaries of coverage.” But after some delays, the feds just published the final rules, deadline and sample documents.

Feds call health insurer on carpet for ‘unreasonable’ premium hike

The first health insurer has been flagged by the federal government for lumping an “unreasonable” rate increase on customers. But the company says it’s done nothing wrong.

Feds exempt HRAs from reform’s annual limit requirements

The feds just announced health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) are exempt from the annual limit restrictions in the healthcare reform law until Jan. 1, 2014.

New study: 1 in 10 employers to stop offering health benefits

What are you planning to do with your employee healthcare plan in 2014? A recent study revealed one in ten mid-size employers will stop offering their employees coverage once the insurance exchanges become operational.

From the IRS: New W-2 reporting rules

While smaller employers have been given a reprieve from having to report the cost of employees’ health insurance on W-2s, larger employers weren’t as lucky. Here are the feds’ new guidelines for complying with the requirement.