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Cost of denying an employee extended leave? $4.5 million

Though several court rulings have sided with employers that denied extended leave as an ADA accommodation, the issue is far from settled. And a recent lawsuit shows that employers denying additional leave is still a risky proposition.

A 5-part checklist that works for any ADA accommodation request

From extended leave to drug-usage during work hours, there are plenty of reasonable accommodations employers may be required to make under the ADA. The only weapon companies can rely on to safely shoot down unreasonable accommodation requests is the law’s interactive process. 

Expert’s 4-step process for managing employees with psychological disabilities

When it comes to accommodating psychological disabilities, most employers will agree few situations are more challenging. With no one-size-fits-all answer, solutions are always employee specific, making psychological disabilities one of the toughest disabilities to manage. 

EEOC explains rights of employees with mental health conditions

The EEOC continues to issue resource guides for employees suffering from various health conditions to let them know the job protections and benefits available to them under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). But while the guides are written for workers, employers can learn a lot from them. 

New ADA guidance reveals 8 things employers need to know

The ADA’s interactive process has been one of the more vexing aspects of employment law recently. 

ADA: Another example of just how hard it is to comply with the law

A new court ruling just made it a little more difficult for employers, managers and supervisors to comply with the ADA’s accommodation requirements. 

Another ADA checklist: The common interactive process pitfalls

Recently, we ran a post outlining seven areas you need to cover when navigating the interactive process of the ADA. This time around, a look at the landmines you need to avoid.  

A 7-point checklist to smooth ADA accommodation request process

Handling ADA accommodation requests is tricky, as you know. But the better prepared you are before you receive a request, the better your chances for staying on the right side of the law. 

EEOC slaps two employers for mishandling disability accommodation requests

When an employee asks for an accommodation for a disability, the EEOC expects management to go through the full process of determining whether or not a reasonable arrangement can be made. Two health-related firms recently learned that lesson the hard way.  

Doctor didn’t ask for it, so is ADA accommodation required?

Here’s a tricky case: An employee is clearly disabled but can still perform her work. Still, she requests an accommodation anyway. Her doctor’s silent on the issue. Should she get one?