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‘How can he sue for FMLA interference? He didn’t even see a doctor’

Here’s a lawsuit that’s sure to frustrate the heck out of some HR pros. But it also provides a valuable lesson: When a termination involves medical issues, take the time to gather all the facts. 

EEOC: Don’t tell staff this about ADA-protected workers

Beware: What you say to your employees about a co-worker’s ADA condition/claim could lead to a retaliation charge. 

FMLA violation? Worker said he was sick, walked off the job and was fired

Here’s a scenario any manager could learn a valuable FMLA lesson from. 

Can workers really decline FMLA leave? Second court weighs in

A dangerous trend for employers is appearing in FMLA lawsuits. 

Employee forced to show mastectomy scars after FMLA leave — or get fired

The latest FMLA lawsuit to gain prominence shows the expensive danger of failing to incorporate some form of flexibility in return-to-work policies. In the case, an employee wanted to return to work, but her employer wouldn’t let her until she underwent an unusual medical exam. 

Court outlines how much ‘work’ those on FMLA leave can be asked to do

Your managers’ definition of “work” and a court’s definition of “work” may not belong in the same dictionary. As a result, you probably want to share this FMLA ruling with your managers. 

Ruling: OK to make employees obey paid sick leave policy even if they’re on FMLA

Chalk up another FMLA legal victory for employers. The most recent one shows employers do have rights when it comes to enacting policies to prevent FMLA leave abuse.