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‘What’s your spirit animal?’ and other curveball interview questions you might want to start asking

In this tight job market, you might want to go beyond the typical “Can you tell me a little about yourself?” and “What are your greatest professional strengths?” type of questions when interviewing someone. 

20 super-hard interview questions employers are really asking

Afraid your interview process may be a little too easy – or doesn’t dig deep enough? See how you stack up against these companies and their interview questions. 

One interview question tells you (almost) everything you want to know about an applicant

Looking for that next great interview question to help you nail down the perfect candidate? There’s one in particular you should consider adding to your arsenal. 

5 interview questions HR leaders should be asking now

The best candidates have qualifications that are more than skills-deep. 

A question to ask yourself about iffy job candidates

The next time you come across a resume that doesn’t quite knock your socks off, there’s a question you may want to ask yourself before digging deeper into the pile.  

The seemingly innocent interview questions that could get you in legal hot water

Many times, hiring managers — in an innocent attempt to make an interviewee more comfortable — ask questions that could put the company in legal peril down the line.  

The 10 best interview questions you’ll see this year

You can never have too many great interview questions in your back pocket. 

20 of the strangest interview questions you’ll hear this year

This appears to be the year of the oddball interview question. First, there was the NFL Combine and its litany of crazy scouting questions. Now, there’s this … 

21 crazy interview questions NFL teams are asking college players

The NFL Combine just concluded, making this the perfect time to review some of the most ridiculous interview questions NFL scouts and coaches have asked future league employees. 

Seemingly innocent interview questions that might spark an age-bias claim

You know better than to ask a job candidate how old he or she is. But employee-side lawyers are crafty, and can build an age discrimination lawsuit around queries that seem a lot more innocent.