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3 innocent interview queries that can get you into trouble

You and your managers know the obvious questions you can’t ask job applicants. But sometimes, the most innocuous-seeming exchanges can put you in peril of violating discrimination laws.

Manager learns lesson about off-limits interview questions

Warn managers: Some interview questions are always off limits. As this recent case shows, even when a candidate is hired, a manager’s comments could still come back to bite the company.

Who's asking these silly interview questions?

Some companies, such as Google, are famous for asking weird, off-the-wall interview questions. Are they innovative or just wasting everybody’s time?

Candidates' 5 worst interview questions

It’s a good sign when a job candidate has thoughtful, pressing questions for the hiring manager during an interview. But look out for anyone who asks these.

Guarding against age bias claims — both real and fake

Without thinking, interviewers can make comments or ask questions that convince unsuccessful job applicants they were rejected out of illegal bias. Then it’s up to HR to clean up the mess.

6 questions managers should be able to answer in an interview

Just as managers try to find out if job candidates fit the company, applicants ask questions to make sure the company fits them. Here are some common questions your managers should be ready to answer:

Top ways hiring managers get firms sued

HR knows how to legally recruit and interview candidates — but that doesn’t mean hiring managers aren’t going to make costly mistakes from time to time.

6 big reasons managers hire duds

Hiring missteps: They cost companies a lot of time and money — and in the end, create a lot of extra work for HR. Here’s some help for guiding managers to make the best hiring decisions possible.

Don't hire psychopaths

The word “psychopath” might bring to mind a horror movie killer — but an estimated 1% of all employees qualify as “workplace psychopaths.”