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Study: What hiring managers want most from resumes, interviews

Every HR pro has a different idea of what constitutes the perfect candidate. 

‘I’ve asked an illegal interview question: What do I do?’

Every HR pro knows there are certain questions you shouldn’t ask job candidates. But what happens when hiring managers let one of those dreaded questions slip out during an interview?

Did you hear the one about the woman who puked at her interview …

… And still managed to get the job?

Allowing subordinates to interview manager candidates: Pros and cons

The latest debate in HR is whether underlings should sit in on an interview with someone who’s applying to be their boss. Some love the idea. Others, not so much.

Recruiting: Case shows key mistake in dealing with disabled applicants

This recent case should give managers a warning not to make assumptions about job candidates based on their appearance.

2 questions to ask IT applicants

Let’s face it: Most HR pros aren’t tech experts. But they’re still the first point of contact when employers hire IT staff. The good news:

15 dumbest things said at job interviews

We’ve all put our foot in our mouth at one time or another, but you’d think job applicants would know better.

Applicant didn't like HR's questions: Was it bias?

With more candidates applying for fewer jobs, it’s increasingly common for unsuccessful applicants to sue employers. How are courts responding?

9 signs a candidate is lying

Though most candidates give honest interviews, there are always a few who invent or exaggerate achievements, skills, previous jobs, etc. Here’s how you and your managers can tell when someone’s lying.

Do you care too much about a candidate's former employer?

We often have preexisting impressions of well-known national and local companies. But should those impressions affect HR’s decisions about hiring people who used to work for them?