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A big bunch of workers say they’re ready to jump ship

Ready for an 81% turnover rate in the coming year? Because that’s the percentage of workers who told researchers they’d be looking for a new job in the coming months.  

Top 10 job factors that attract, retain employees

What do employees value most today? Recently, 9,218 full-time U.S. employees at nongovernmental organizations were asked to rank 23 job factors by what’s most important to them. Here is their top 10 (by age group). 

Research: 3 Major Benefits Losing Their Luster

New research shows employees’ dissatisfaction is growing for three of the biggest benefits out there.

Employees speak: Today’s No. 1 contributor to job satisfaction

With few companies boosting pay, it appears employees are looking for other things to keep them happy.

What factors are key in job satisfaction? Workers, HR pros differ

What are the key ingredients in job satisfaction? A new poll reveals some intriguing differences in the views of employees vs. the views of HR professionals.

Good news: Employees feeling OK

Despite hearing horror stories from friends and colleagues, most employees aren’t too worried about job security.