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Will court decide constitutionality of health coverage mandate?

Constitutional challenges have been levied by more than a dozen states against the new healthcare reform law that mandates individuals purchase health coverage.

Don’t let manager e-mail trip up your company in court

E-mails are more often being viewed by judges as evidence in employment law cases. Managers should change their e-mailing habits accordingly.

Understaffing leads to 77% rise in overtime suits: How to stay safe

Companies are scrambling to get more done with fewer people. They just need to make sure they’re doing it legally.

Top ways hiring managers get firms sued

HR knows how to legally recruit and interview candidates — but that doesn’t mean hiring managers aren’t going to make costly mistakes from time to time.

Managers’ top 7 documentation mistakes

What’s HR’s strongest weapon in the fight against lawsuits? That’s right, documentation. But too often, documentation is weakened when managers make these common mistakes.

What would you do? Boss won’t take anti-bias training

Periodically, we ask three HR managers how they’d handle a difficult situation at work. Today’s problem: a boss who says anti-discrimination training is great for all supervisors, but won’t participate in the training himself.

Look who’s getting sued now: The EEOC

For everyone who likes irony: About 700 employees of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are claiming the agency has violated federal employment law.

HR’s role in proving that retention efforts save money

You may know the value of retention. Now you can make sure everyone else in the organization does, too.

Opinion: HR’s role in saving money and aggravation

Ever get the feeling that other managers think of you as a nag who’s always on their backs about following the rules and the law? Good. That means you’re doing your job.