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Here it comes: New domestic violence leave law hits the books

The National Football League’s recent problems with domestic violence have brought a lot of attention to the subject, and some legislators are taking advantage – pushing for more employee protections and adding to companies’ administrative burdens. 

Top 3 ADA administration mistakes employers make

One slip up involving the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can lead to an investigation of all your company’s administrative practices — and can result in huge fines or lawsuits. 

2 new FMLA cases to make HR laugh

There’s not a lot of humor to be found in employment law, let alone the Family and Medical Leave Act. But these cases should be good for a chuckle.

New case reveals one fewer FMLA complication for HR

When it comes to employees out on FMLA who request light duty in order to return to work, employers would do well to follow this company’s example.

Rare case: When it’s OK to fire worker returning from FMLA leave

Firing someone the day they return from FMLA time? No way — unless you like spending time in court, right?

Heads up: Paid sick-leave requirement spreading

The areas where businesses are required to provide paid sick leave to employees are starting to add up. Several cities and states could be next in line.

FMLA: What employees are entitled to after a natural disaster

Recent flooding and tornadoes in the South and Midwest have raised an intriguing question for Benefits pros: Can employees take FMLA leave when a natural disaster strikes?

New bill would tighten FMLA regs: Will Congress bite?

The Family and Medical Leave Enhancement Act has been introduced to the House of Representatives. What does that mean for HR?

Another ruling uncovers latest FMLA pitfall

How can a company get charged with denying FMLA rights to an employee even though the company granted the request for FMLA leave?

FMLA docs, COBRA notices: Are your policies legal?

Take a look at these two tricky, real-life benefits scenarios that could crop up at your company.