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Workflex in the 21st Century Act: Paid leave on the federal level … with a catch

Following an array of state and local paid leave laws and loud calls from employers and prominent business groups, Congress has introduced a bill to make paid leave on a federal level a reality. But the legislation probably isn’t what HR pros were expecting.

HHS chief: The Senate will pass ACA repeal bill by August

A finalized version of ACA repeal legislation could be headed to the President in the very near future.

That other major overtime bill HR needs to watch out for

Employers in the private sector are one step closer to being able to pay workers comp time in lieu of time-and-a-half for overtime hours worked.

Health reform expert: Here’s what HR needs to know about GOP repeal bill passing

Virtually every major news outlet is covering the passage of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) by the House. But amidst all the coverage, it’s tough to find an answer to a question that’s near and dear to HR: What does this GOP victory mean for employers? 

There’s a bipartisan push to end the ACA’s ‘Cadillac’ tax

The ACA’s “Cadillac” tax on high-value health plans (soon to be average-value health plans if things keep trending the way they are) is under heavy fire from both Republicans and Democrats. 

What GOP Congressional triumph really means for employers

So now Republicans control Congress. Will anything change for employers?

Here it comes: New domestic violence leave law hits the books

The National Football League’s recent problems with domestic violence have brought a lot of attention to the subject, and some legislators are taking advantage – pushing for more employee protections and adding to companies’ administrative burdens. 

Latest attempt to expand FMLA offers incentive for employers

You may have heard: The feds are interested in expanding employee protections, and the availability of sick leave and medical leave — especially paid varieties. But many of their proposals have been met with backlash. But this latest proposal offers more in an attempt to gain employer support. 

Working Families Flexibility Act threatens to add paperwork

A bill that’s been introduced in both the House and Senate threatens to add more paperwork to your ever-expanding to-do list.

New bill to help employers pool retirement cash

Here are two scary stats for those looking to create a retirement nest egg: