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Check your health plan: EEOC says denying this coverage is now discriminatory

Excluding a certain type of coverage from your company’s health plan has officially become risky business — even though it’s possible the same couldn’t have been said about this exclusion a few years ago. 

EEOC reinterprets the rules: Discrimination against homosexuals now illegal

Despite no laws being on the books that specifically ban employers from discriminating against gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) individuals, the EEOC has said such bias is now illegal. On what grounds? 

Feds make it official: Gender identity is covered under anti-bias laws

Congress may have dragged its feet on establishing anti-discrimination rules involving gender identity issues, but the Obama administration has issued its own guidance.  

Federal court, EEOC clash on hot discrimination issue

This is what happens when humans try to interpret and apply imperfect laws.