Human Resources News & Insights

How HR can earn that elusive seat at the C-suite table

Human Resources plays a massive role in how a company is constructed. As a result, it deserves a seat at the executive table. But it’s not a seat that’s easily claimed. 

3 little words from CEO propel worker’s retaliation lawsuit

Here’s more proof that managers (and executives) need to keep their opinions to themselves and just stick to the facts when disciplining employees. Otherwise, they could create a path for employees to sue. 

3 costly mistakes new managers can’t afford to make

When new managers hit the ground running, it makes HR’s life easier. Good managers keep your brightest stars engaged, which improves retention and keeps you from having to fill talent gaps. Poor managers — or at least those who start off poorly — have the opposite effect. 

Are you a leader or a manager? This checklist will tell you

Managers and leaders are not one and the same. Just because you’re a manager, it doesn’t mean you’re a leader — but it also doesn’t mean you can’t become one. Here’s how to tell exactly where you are right now. 

7 deadly sins your managers may be committing

Managers get blamed for a lot of turnover and internal issues, but how much of that is really their fault? 

A ‘tough love’ replacement for the dreaded annual performance review

It’s a pretty safe bet that your managers aren’t fans of the traditional, annual performance review process — whether they’re on the giving or the receiving end. 

Busting up the professional ghosting culture: A how-to guide

You’ve asked a colleague for some feedback on one of your proposals, but after a week there’s still no response. It’s not a “yes,” but it’s not a “no.” It’s just a silent abyss that queries get sent into, never to return. You’re in a ghosting limbo. 

3 manager mistakes costing employers top talent

In today’s job market, there are a lot of employers competing for the best talent — including those superstars who currently work for you. That makes it paramount that your managers do everything possible to retain your best workers. 

The most irritating personality in the workplace

If there’s one species of employee managers dread dealing with, it’s the prima donna. Here’s a look at what makes these people tick — and how they can be stopped.

Conflict management tactics used in Dallas’ police department

From 2009 to 2014, the Dallas Police Department has reduced the number of excessive force complaints by 64%. Translation: Officers got better at managing conflict.