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Pot in the workplace: New ruling will spark drug policy changes

Another court has handed down a ruling on a company’s drug policy, and courts now seem to be sending a very clear message to employers: Don’t automatically terminate marijuana users with legal prescriptions just because they failed a drug test. 

Game-changing ruling on marijuana has major implications for HR pros everywhere

Do you have to accommodate employees’ use of medical marijuana even if you have a drug policy that follows federal law and prohibits illegal substances including marijuana?

Employers really hate pot use at work, and courts back them

Employers aren’t letting the spreading legalization of marijuana at the state level prevent them from creating and enforcing zero-tolerance anti-pot policies — and they have courts in their corner. 

Can you fire medical marijuana users? A definitive answer, finally

It’s about time. Employers have finally been given pretty definitive guidance on how they can enforce their workplace drug policies in the wake of marijuana-friendly changes to state laws. 

Drug policy keeping up with changing pot laws? A checklist

States’ legalization of marijuana has made creating effective drug policies a nightmare. Thankfully, new guidance is here to help. 

What can HR expect in 2014? Regs, rulings, reform and more

This year was no walk in the park for HR pros — and there looks to be plenty to keep everyone busy in the coming year.

Pot-smoking staffer’s complaint goes up in smoke

Marijuana laws are changing all over the country. But that still doesn’t mean that employers need to stand for employees who smoke the ganja — either on the job or off.

Some states OK marijuana use: Do employers have to change drug policies?

Marijuana use — either medicinal or recreational — is now or will shortly become legal in over one-third of U.S. states. So: What do the recent changes in marijuana legislation mean for you and your company?

What HR can learn from ‘The Case of the Pot Brownies’

This firm’s response to a staffer who fed fellow bus drivers pot brownies highlights an important lesson on writing and enforcing your disciplinary policies.

Drugs and comp benefits: Can you get one with the other?

Drugs, poor judgment and heavy machinery. One worker mixed all three together and was seriously injured. Then he wanted to collect comp benefits.