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Can you request doctors’ notes for each suspicious FMLA absence?

It’s no secret, administering intermittent FMLA leave is a pain in the butt. One company tried to make it easier on itself by adding a documentation requirement to its leave policy. The question is, was the move legal? 

Oversight on FMLA form costs employer $173K

There’s one element of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) that doesn’t get a lot of press. But forgetting about it could be a very costly mistake.

Employer repeatedly requested FMLA recertification: Harassment?

OK, we all know that employers can ask employees for fresh certification if there’s a change in the medical condition that’s behind the worker’s request for intermittent FMLA leave. But can an employer ask for recertification so many times that it constitutes harassment?

Employee fired for taking FMLA leave: Was her cert sufficient?

Chalk this one up as a win for employers everywhere. A recent court ruling provides another instance in which it’s OK to deny FMLA leave when you suspect the leave is unnecessary.

5 FMLA questions almost all managers can’t answer

Of all the issues HR deals with, FMLA leave probably causes the most headaches. Here’s some help with five common — and confusing — medical leave scenarios.